Cosmetic Procedure Education Program

Dear Prospective STARS Plastic Surgery customer,

We are happy that you are interested in having an operation with one of our surgeons.  To better educate future cosmetic surgery patients like yourself, we invite you to apply to be a part of our cosmetic procedure education program where a video journal is created of your cosmetic surgery journey.  As an example, this may include filming during your initial visit and consultation (or a repeat of that evaluation if you have already passed that phase), to filming on the day of your operation, recovery and follow up visits.  Finally, we would like you to provide us both written and video testimonials of your experiences.  This program is not for everyone because there can be a substantial time commitment not just of filming during your visits but also extra time that you have to spend explaining your perception of the procedure before and after.  We will offer compensation for your time and willingness to participate in the form of procedure discount credits.  We hope that you will consider this in helping us educate future patients.  If you are interested, please complete our qualification application.


STARS Plastic Surgery

Here are some sample videos of the different phases of the journey (NOT of our practice).

Initial Consult

Pre-op Visit

Day of Surgery

Follow up Visit